Ausgabe 04/24

Participation for Students!

Stephanie Sell

The sheer commitment to a better future and the urge it sends out to the grown-up world to fulfill its duty and bring about this better future by means of concrete measures is acknowledged and has a motivating effect on those responsible.
At my school, some students have woken up as a result of this movement. They have realized that they can have an influence. Through the national student conferences, they got in touch with equally committed students from all over Germany. In the meantime, a nationwide school policy section has been founded within the Student Council, which consists of delegated students from all state associations. It pursues the implementation of a ten-point plan that contains development goals for Waldorf schools defined by the students.
A few weeks ago, I had my first meeting with these students. It was impressive to see the discipline with which the meeting was conducted and how much appreciation and open feedback culture was practiced there. The consultation points were a wake-up call: Not all Waldorf schools have a student council. A considerable number of student representatives have to fight for acceptance. There is not always regulated participation in the school's decision-making processes. The students perceive an increase in psychological problems among the student body and often feel left alone with them. The protection concept is unfamiliar to students at many of the schools.
The question of how attention can be drawn to these topics and how to strengthen the work of student representatives at individual schools was discussed. In this context, the question arose as to whether the Waldorf colleges actually dealt with the topics of the value, structure and maintenance of a student council.
I went home after the Student Council meeting deeply satisfied. I consider all the questions that came up there to be important and legitimate. With great appreciation for the faculties, we considered what needed to be done and how we could work together on the issues. Above all, however, it was decided not to give up because the issues were too important.
We adults can look forward to seeing how this commitment will manifest itself and where it will manifest itself. I hope that these calls will be heard and acted upon at the individual schools, and I would like to contribute to ensuring that we listen to students' concerns and address them in an appreciative and responsible manner during my term of office.


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