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Sven Saar
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You can purchase all 12 modules (36 videos) and use them for staff training, or simply to educate yourselves. The Modern Teacher is a non-profit teacher education initiative based in the UK, founded by Alan Swindell and Sven Saar and dedicated to a contemporary reimagining of Waldorf theory and practice.

A participant's view:

"We are truly inspired by your work and what I most love is your intent to decolonise the Waldorf dogmas and limiting beliefs. For individuals from countries like mine, still with a colonial hangover, it is quite refreshing to hear your perspectives and beneath that to see your intentions. I’ve seen this spirit run through a lot of your work and have deep regard for it."
Santhya Vikram, Founder, Yellow Train School, Coimbatore, India

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An overview of the modules:

  1. Waldorf Education: A modern Introduction
    (Alan Swindell, Jill Taplin and Sven Saar)
    A course to explore modern Waldorf Theory and practice in Early Years, Grade School and High School.
  2. Numeracy the Waldorf Way
    (Alan Swindell)
    A course exploring how to introduce arithmetic and continue in an imaginative, sustained and effective practice.
  3. Rhythm and Movement in Education
    (Sven Saar and Kevin Campbell-Davidson)
    A course exploring how rhythm allows children to learn in a healthy, holistic and efficient way.
  4. Lesson Planning and Implementation
    (Sven Saar)
    A course on Curriculum creation, learning rhythms and effective classroom practice.
  5. Assessment for Learning
    (Alan Swindell and Sven Saar)
    A course on assessing the impact of our teaching: what are good principles for assessing progress, giving feedback, and forward planning?
  6. Inclusion
    (Sven Saar, Alan Swindell and Ann Swain)
    A course on Special Educational needs, classroom differentiation and Equality and Diversity issues.
  7. Rhythms and Patterns in Human Development
    (Sven Saar, Alan Swindell)
    An introduction to understanding human life by looking at systems: seven-year-periods of biography, the four temperaments, the twelve senses and the three soul activities thinking, feeling and will. Gain a first insight into the anthroposophical perspective in a contemporary and accessible way….jargon- free and without previous knowledge required!
  8. Waldorf Literacy
    (Jody Lukas, Alan Swindell)
    How do human beings learn to write and read? Why do children all over the world need to embrace this cultural convention, and what are the best techniques for a first encounter with the printed page?
  9. Waldorf Science
    (Graham Kennish, Sven Saar, Alan Swindell)
    From baking bread in the Kindergarten to analysing observations in High School laboratories, from picking up rocks via nutrition and sex education to discussing atomic theory: What makes Waldorf Science different?
  10. A vertical curriculum: Geography, Ecology, Outdoor education
    (Simon Gillman, Sven Saar, Alan Swindell)
    The Waldorf curriculum is not a prescriptive list of content: each lesson, block or teaching arc is a response to a developmental task. Each Curriculum is an answer: do we know what the question was?
  11. Quality, Colleagueship and Mentoring
    (Sven Saar, Alan Swindell)
    An introduction to Waldorf mentoring and collegial working. A guide to welcoming people into our wonderful profession – and giving them every reason to stay!
  12. Organisation of Time, Effort and Community
    (Sven Saar, Alan Swindell)
    Sustaining one’s life as a Waldorf teacher requires commitment and energy. A possible source lies in cultivating an inner life of contemplation and development. Discover useful tools for the cultivation of Resonance and Resilience.

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