Tree of life and the crown

Vivían Piña

Should we take school home? Should we embrace digital media as the new teaching and learning tool? What is good for us in this situation? How could we counter a virus and emerge from the confrontation unscathed and strengthened? Hadn’t we previously assumed that Waldorf education should promote health instead of illness, trust instead of fear, partnership instead of segregation? Well, it was time to test our own beliefs.

We decided to offer a responsible “face-to-face alternative” that uses all the Waldorf educational tools in the service of physical, emotional and spiritual health and produces a collective practice that promotes it. We have started a biodynamic farm from which we aim to promote good nutrition, responsible consumption, protection of the environment and strengthening of health, as well as community.

And we are innovative in many other ways. Respect, honesty and solidarity helped us along the way and gave us the confidence to admit that we needed help and that we had to ask for it. The Friends of Waldorf Education heard our cry for help, including that of other schools in Mexico. With gratitude we received the kindness; it helps us overcome the fear – now we are all safe.

About the author: Vivían Piña is the executive director of Árbol de Vida