The virus: war and peace. Notes on corona

Ute Hallaschka

The virus as part of the power that definitively wants evil has an effect that can radically be seen as good (to borrow from Goethe’s Faust). It is not intended in a cynical way to say that the virus is on the way to becoming an educator of humanity. A feat that other pathogens in the past have not been able to perform. We had the banking crisis, we have climate change – in our awareness. Waves of pandemic events affecting the whole earth which tell us every more urgently where we stand.

As humanity we are all involved. The human organism is an irrefutable fact. Whether we like it or not, we have to recognise that every single one of the about eight billion of us is subject to this reality – exists in it and in no other way. No individual on earth can escape it. It is no longer possible, as in earlier times when the plague came, for the privileged to remove themselves to a distant place and stay there for as long as possible! Where now – to the moon?

The virus is everywhere. It lives in us, between us and, above all, in the structures of the way we habitually lead our lives. Viruses are so-called biological structures. Not expressly living beings but capable of spreading and propagating through hosts. That’s us human beings, now that they have jumped the species barrier from the animal kingdom.

The whole earth is actually a hostelry. A place at which we arrive, live a while and then leave again. We know that. But the thing that prevents us from acting accordingly, taking heed of our mortal and immortal nature equally, is fear. We stockpile and plunder out of fear – toilet paper and noodles right now – but really we do it all the time. We exploit the earth and the life of others because that is all that our freeloading global market economy is meanwhile based on. The more we are frightened of dying, the more hostile we become towards life.

We refuse to recognise that all of us, each single one of us, exist as part of an organisms in a very real and physical way. And it does indeed equally lie within the realm of our human freedom to continue with this denial in a way that destroys the whole organism. That is the real disease from which we are suffering and to which the virological event expressly points.

Invisible, imperceptible, only observable with technical instruments – and yet present, with an absolutely real effect in our body. What the virus thus demonstrates, with empirical evidence and immanence in humans, is the sphere of the life forces. It really exists and now we are taught about it individually in its totality. At this level everything is networked. Yet what connects us is the thing that we least think about. We are afraid of it, claim not to be able to cope with it, suppress it permanently, because otherwise we would be dealing with the consequences of our own actions in the soul-spiritual WHO. But such suppression makes us ill, individually and as a society. Seen quite egotistically, it could be healthy finally to face up to the truth because that feels good. No longer to live insanely in parallel with it, but that requires us to take care of our soul. We have to become used to only any longer feeling whole when we share.

Now we attend the school of life to learn about the cosmic nature of our existence. Anyone who any longer wants to deny an interest in this level – is put under house arrest. Also quite interesting because now we will learn in concrete terms whether we miss anything with regard to the great social media with which we are constantly in apparent contact with others. But crucially not in a sensate way, with existential authenticity.

All the things we were still fiercely debating in the recent past – how much we could reasonably be expected to set our own interests back in favour of others – well, well, now we ourselves are the other or everyone else is the nearest, depending on how we look at it. The debate is over. What we thought we could not do voluntarily is now enforced by order. But we don’t have to make the same mistake twice: waiting in fear and egotistical shock for the end of the crisis –  apart from the fact that no one knows what that might look like – in order then to continue as if nothing had happened. The end of this pathogen would only be the beginning of the next one, that is certain. Let us finally look at the disease in a way that can lead to healing. That is not a question of immunology or vaccines which are, of course, needed, but of an inner change of direction, a departure into the modern era.

When humanity as an organism has come true as a fact, then the corresponding perception can no longer be considered as blue-eyed idealism, and much less as ideology, but as the end of the lie. That we stop lying to ourselves. We have reached the stage where any hardship of one person, be it ever so small and invisible, can affect the world of everyone else. So far, so bad. But what prevents us from considering the opposite as being just as real?

Instead of the previous discussion about sacrifices in the restricted spaces of the ego, what a playground for an expanded view of the world in the reality of existence. Seeing everything that is good as being just as effective and contagious – invisible like our thoughts, feelings and intentions and yet there! That would be an education. Not that we should lapse into the old errors and immediately behave like God in heaven as we create a new earth. That will still take a while, until we have formed in us what we want to make of the world. But it is nevertheless a work of art and as such we can feel ourselves creatively affected by it.

If that were the message of the virus which, after the development of the vaccines, could be understood as a healing force and remedy for the future of humanity – hurrah! We are not still alive but just setting out to become people of the new age.