Goetheanum Worldwide Teacher Conference: Lectures online

From 17 to 21 April 2024, the first Goetheanum Worldwide Teacher Education Conference took place at the Goetheanum in Dornach. Around 250 participants from all over the world came together to discuss issues relating to teacher training.

The lectures by João Maria André («Education as dialogue and empowerment in a multicultural world»), Constanza Kaliks and Peter Selg («The School of Spiritual Science as a contemporary educational impulse»), Philipp Reubke («The art of education») and by Neil Boland and Cristina Velasquez («Contemporary forms of teaching and the social responsibility of training programs») were broadcast via livestream and are now available on the Goetheanum website. The video recordings of the lectures will gradually be made available.

Almost a hundred people stood on the stage at the end of the Goetheanum World Teacher Education Conference. Everyone said a few words about one of the educational institutions represented at the conference. A kaleidoscope of pictures from five different continents on how to prepare for life as a Waldorf educator. Here are a few sentences from the panel discussions:

«A wish for all teacher educators: more lightness, humour and joy.»

«Every time we learn something new, we re-enter the world.»

«It is important that we present anthroposophy not as a collection of facts or concepts, but as a possibility for transformation and healing. How it lives in us as mentors is what the students see and take in.»

«Training courses and international conferences should provide an opportunity to take note of the latest research findings.»

«Seminars could be places where the seeds are sown for transformation processes and the growth of skills.»

«May Waldorf education develop everywhere like a plant - always in connection with its environment, the time and the changing atmospheric conditions.»

«Wonder is not just for the children, but also for the teachers.»



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