every child!: A New International Online Course About SEN and Inclusive Practice

The course will be presented online with 90 minutes sessions offered every Monday over 6 months, starting on 9 September. Live times are 10:00 New York, 15:00 London, 19:30 Mumbai, 21:00 Bangkok. Our presenters will bring a wide range of educational experience and expertise, offering their insights and inspirations.

It is easy to notice obstacles in a child’s path – can we learn to identify the underlying causes and create positive, respectful and effective means of helping the child to navigate around, through and past them?

The every child! course for teachers, therapists and parents will support the pursuit of identifying hindrances, using approaches based on Rudolf Steiner’s work and others in the fields of contemporary neurology, cognitive and sensory psychology and inclusive pedagogy. 

You will:

  • Arrive at a clearer understanding of how these children learn best
  • Learn to provide children with the tools and means to know themselves as effective learners
  • Receive many useful techniques for observation and differentiation
  • Learn how to create an inclusive, differentiated learning culture in your schools, helping specialists and generalists to take responsibility collectively and individually.

every child! is presented by experienced, enthusiastic professionals, and organised by The Modern Teacher, which brought you impactful online courses such as Waldorf Direct and Waldorf 360. Join us now and become part of an international network of teachers trained in and dedicated to inclusive practice. Book through the website or contact

In order to provide a good working environment and to maintain quality engagement, we will need to limit the number of participants: so make sure you book soon to secure your place!


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